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tailoring & alterations

I am a tailor located in oakland, Florida and I specialize in fixing and alternating edgy clothing styles. I work at a studio located on the west side of Orlando founded by women and run by women.


I began tailoring in 2023 where I worked as an assistant and spent hours in the studio learning how to perfect every piece of clothing. I’ve done everything from jean waistbands, hemming skirts, fixing holes, sewing on buttons, and adjusting dresses to fit your body exactly how you want it.


I know that a lot of clothing stores only have small, medium, large, etc, and sometimes our bodies are just built different and sometimes we are in between sizes. I am passionate about what I do because I want to make everyone feel confident and comfortable in anything they wear. Also, as a woman I feel like our bodies are always changing and I understand the struggle of not feeling your best.


My studio is a judgment free zone and no matter who you are and what you look like, my goal is to make you feel beautiful and help you embrace your bad b!tch self! 


- Specialize in all styles

- inexpensive tailoring for those ballin' on a budget

- relatable and personable to millenial and gen z

- open monday-friday 12pm-5pm

alterations starting at $20


custom clothing & merch

Need to revamp your style? With your aesthetic, I can design custom merch made just for you and only you! I can create anything from goth to girlie or a little bit of everything combined to make you feel like the unique bad ass that you are. Or if you aren’t sure about your aesthetic, I can help you create your own vibe altered however you’d like. I’ve made custom, one of one pieces for all kinds of people for events like concerts, performances, weddings, raves, photoshoots, or even a design for everyday looks. Stand out and embrace the different with customs by KO.

- encouranging of all fashion styles

- educated on current trends

- tailoring experience to help with the perfect fit

- understanding the importance of being yourself

- step by step in depth process

Prices vary depending on custom

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