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i am a stylist, designer, creative director, and content creator. i believe in equality for all and going against the grain. i preach about staying true to yourself and not giving a fvck about what anyone thinks.

i was born in orlando florida during taurus season. even though i had a very chaotic upbringing, i knew that i was meant for something more. I started getting into fashion when I was in elementary school. I used to draw cartoons wearing funky outfits and my mom always said I was going to be the next Betsy Johnson. I took sewing lessons on the machine when I was very young and I always pictured my older self to be a girl who stands out in the crowd. Unfortunately, as I got older I started to stand out but in a way I didn't expect. I noticed that i felt very disconnected from the people around me. I had trouble making friends and keeping friends. and when i did have friends, i was the friend who was always left out. i naturally had a different perspective on the world and had other interests. although i liked to do my own thing because of my independent spirit, i always felt insecure afterwards. i noticed that everyone had the same ideas and took the same route and there i was misunderstood with thoughts and feelings that were different than everyone else’s. i had developed a very low self esteem. i wondered why i was so disconnected and the kids around me started to notice. i was bullied and then ignored. i quickly learned that my thoughts and opinions didn’t matter so i lost interest in all the cool things, like fashion, that made me happy. and my mindset about knowing that i was meant for something more quickly faded. as i got older, i noticed that this wasn’t just child’s play. the bullying doesn’t stop when you reach a certain age. my resentment towards society was already developing but now it was getting worse. i realized that society had cliques and everyone had to fit into a mold. and when you don’t fit in, everyone collectively agrees that you’re the problem. because of that collective mindset, i just kind of gave up on trying to figure out my purpose and accepted who i was in society. i was moody and confused and became disconnected from my true self. I later ended up using drugs to cope which caused manic episodes that never went away even after getting sober. My brain had completely changed. I lost my sense of purpose on this earth and had no interest in chasing my dreams. and due to my chaotic upbringing and now deteriorating life, i felt like every time i looked in the mirror, the reflection staring back at me was a girl i didn’t recognize. Luckily, over those years I met people who changed my life forever. People who were outcasts just like I was. People who had demons like me. I watched those people turn their demons into art and business. They used all their energy as fuel to make a change in their lives and make a difference in this world, giving the misfits like me a chance. they never went to college. they had terrible childhoods. they were poor and never had the stability they needed to survive. i watched them lose everything and then build themselves up again. and they continuously said “fuck you” to every person that doubted them. their energy was infectious. But what was constantly put into my head was; "Change starts with you, Ken." and I had no idea where to start. All I knew was that I was too unstable to hold down a job, I tried moving out of my parents house multiple times and still ended up living with them while I watched my friends get their own houses, cars, and businesses, I still had my parents paying for all my therapy, prescription pills, and doctors appointments, and I had zero education background because I was also too unstable for school. I was frustrated and disappointed with myself, once again feeling like i failed the people around me. It felt like no matter how hard I tried I was never going to be mentally stable enough to be successful. but as society changed and social media sky-rocketed, i noticed how many people felt the same way i do and learned that maybe i do have a place in this world. and if they can be successful, why can’t i? i connected with people online who became experimental and set the trends. they were involved in “fuck you activities” as i like to call it. they were so anti-society that people couldn’t stop talking about them so eventually their art blew up into something bigger than we all could’ve imagined. the misfits were now being seen. and of course society pushed back, still trying to fit us into molds. which unfortunately still makes us question ourselves. it’s a hundred of them against ten of us. and all we wanted was to be ourselves and to be accepted. but they bullied us and then ignored us and it was as if all the trauma from the past resurfaced and we’re left with the same questions; who am i and what is wrong with me? so my goal is to help you feel more confident within yourselves and reassure you that you don’t ever have to change for anyone. we might feel like we have to prove to them that we’re cool but we choose not to anyway because we’ve become so confident within ourselves that we don’t owe society an explanation. i want to embrace the weird. i want us to show ourselves off and be so unapologetic about it. let us dive into our passions and continue to experiment with our aesthetics. and use our feelings to guide us in whatever direction we want. that’s what i plan to do with fashion. that’s what i want to do for you. fashion and music and art are all one if you think about it. we use them as a way to express ourselves. although i still struggle to find my personal style but i think that’s what makes me relatable to the misfits. so we’re in this together. fuck everyone else.


hi <3 thanks so much for checking out my collection. All of my apparel is meticulously sourced to provide you with the highest quality product. When it comes to manufacturing clothing creativity is half of the battle. The idea for KO came to me when I was going through my closet trying to put together outfits & figure out my style. I wanted comfortable custom $h!t that nobody else had. I have profound love for art & photography that consist of cool color tones and making a statement that has fvck you written all over it! Subscribe and follow me on instagram @kendalloliviaevans for updates on all KO klothing! :)

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